Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Depressingly, I am so sick at this moment. Sick of being alone, sick of being fatty, sick of my short and stumpy legs, sick of my uneasy stomach, sick of my messy room, sick of having those indescribable feelings...
I desperately want to leave as soon as possible!...But deep inside, is this the way that I really want?...Perhaps I am still deceiving myself, escaping what I don't want to face. Or perhaps, I really need a new environment, to start afesh and to dump the vague life that I used to have. I love being busy because only then it will leave me no room for thinking negatively, and expecting something that will never happen.
Whatever it is, life goes on...I shall be positive towards whatever that is ahead, come on CHEERS! Perhaps no one will do, but God does love me...><

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